In 55 Words FD MC Challenge 2017 – Day 53

Today’s piece concerns rituals. When it comes to mind-control scenarios, ritualization is an important part of conditioning, of focusing the submissive in the needs of the dominant. Rituals are used for obedience purposes, for the reframing of thoughts, for creating neural pathways that give new meanings to the word pleasure and many other things. They can be dull but, when used appropriately, they’re hot, no other way around it. A part of my overactive imagination likes the combination of such practices with mundane activities, and that was the genesis of this idea.

Now, I could have gone for all sorts of simple rituals to convey this general purpose. The reason I chose the one below is one born out of contrasts. I don’t particularly like shaving. I don’t. I often wish I wasn’t graced with facial hairs, or that they would dare remain perfectly uniform all the time so that I wouldn’t have to shave. I would be fine with having a strong beard seeing my alias is S.B. and all, but, alas! that’s not the case. So how does one turn an activity not at all appreciated into something different and somewhat sexy? One possible answer lies below. Enjoy.

Shaving (February 22nd)

The razor waltzed across Neil’s cheeks, smoothing the surface underneath as Rebecca’s instructions played inside his head.
“One less thought for each hair that comes falling.”
By the time he was finished, the reflection on the mirror captured his defocused eyes. However, something was missing.
The razor waltzed again as it slid inside his briefs…

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