In 55 Words FD MC Challenge 2017 – Day 56

There’s not much to tell about how this one came to be. I simply stumbled upon the image below, thought it was cute, and typed the first thing that came to mind. I improvise a lot when it comes to these because that’s also part of the fun, don’t you agree? Still, I somehow managed to include a bit of self-referential humor in one of the lines as I did so.


And that’s it, really. It’s a beautiful day so I’m going to enjoy it for a bit. I wish you all a good weekend, and have fun.


Matthew rolled down the window.
“Yes, officer?”
“Licence and registration, please,” the policewoman declared.
“What’s this all about?”
“You were trancing at 80 mph when the mesmerising limit is 55.”
“Slow down… relax…”
“O-okay…” he mumbled, eyes falling upon her cleavage.
“… and trust my authority…” she grinned.
He did. Completely. Hypnotic roleplay was fun.

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