In 55 Words FD MC Challenge 2017 – Day 63

One of the ways to control and dictate another person’s behavior is through their emotions. Guilt can be a very powerful tool for that for instance, especially if the person being controlled has a natural tendency to feel guilty about things, even if said perception is irrational from the get-go. I wanted to touch on the subject, but move past it into something more light-hearted and with a bit of the classic flare usually found in fiction. The image below provided me the final ingredient I was looking for. Enjoy.



“You’re doing it again, Bianca.”
“The guilt trip, trying to make me mad, then pretend you’re upset to control me further.”
“You honestly think me capable of that, Cal?”
“Yes, but please don’t.”
“Another kind of trip then,” she smirked, turning on the strobe light.
He would feel no guilt whatsoever in no time.

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