In 55 Words FD MC Challenge 2017 – Day 72

I’m tired. Last week, I was given an assignment to do, one that’s proving to be quite tricky. Before today, I couldn’t devote myself to it as much as I would have liked it and, when I finally had the chance, I think I overexerted myself.

You see, although I procrastinate every now and then, I can also be quite laser-focused. The problem with the latter is, sometimes, not knowing when to stop, when the things get going. That’s something I need to improve. My creative ramblings certainly help with that. Today’s piece is about pushing limits and… something else. You’ll see what soon enough.

Hard Work

Brent was asleep at the keyboard. Next to him, research notes were piling up, and Janet smiled. It was good that he was working hard for her. It was even better he was doing so with the unsuspecting “help” of subliminals.
“Janet must be obeyed,” it flashed, almost imperceptibly, on the screen.
“Always,” she whispered.

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