In 55 Words FD MC Challenge 2017 – Day 79

Dealing with fantastic, mythological or supernatural creatures is always a gamble because their rules and ours often clash in earth-shattering ways.

Still, who wouldn’t want to flirt with a pixie, ride a unicorn, or find a genie in a bottle? You’re not going to find any of those in the story below because we’re heading out to sea. Once more, I pick up a concept (it’s in the title, impossible to miss) and twist it until the result is something uncanny and somewhat funny, I believe. The punishment could have certainly been worse but let’s put any idea of nastiness aside and simply have fun with it, okay?

Wet Dreams

Last year, Paul met a mermaid, heard her sing.
Against all odds though, he resisted enslavement. She was pissed.
With the help of the sea witches, a curse was placed.
Now, every night, he sleepwalks to the nearest pool, waking up in frustration shortly after.
Those were not the wet dreams he was hoping for.

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