In 55 Words FD MC Challenge 2017 – Day 81

Spring is here but today has been nothing but a cold, grey, and rainy mess where I live. Having become accustomed to the radiant sun, my mood suffered a bit because of it. Something that would feel really nice right now would be to sit by a fire, just watching the flames flicker and feeling its warmth spreading from inside out. Fire is both beautiful and dangerous, but it’s certainly better than ashes, for those are just memories of things that ran their course, and are ready to be swept away. I like the idea of burning bright.

No fireplace for me, but here’s a small video to draw you in.

Today’s piece is about awakening one’s inner flames with a little bit of love and gentle persuasion. Enjoy.


Bradley and Jade sat by the fireplace.
“Are the flames fading?” he asked, drowsily.
“Only if you want them to,” she cooed.
“Am I fading?” he insisted.
“Only if you want to.”
“I want what you want…” he sighed.
“I want a phoenix then!” She commanded.
He burned upon her touch, and everything was pleasure.

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