In 55 Words FD MC Challenge 2017 – Day 124

I mentioned before I like to use quotes as inspiration.

I did it again today, this time around courtesy of British entrepreneur, scientist, and author Astro Teller. The quote I chose has been integrated into the flow of the short story and it’s quite easy to identify. I also like this one a lot: Use creativity and storytelling as your main muscle instead of smartness. This is me exercising said muscle once more. Enjoy.

No Limits

“What do you think of this: ‘The world is not limited by IQ. We are all limited by bravery and creativity.’?” Allison queried.
“I think you’ve taught me to be brave and your creativity is infinite,” Dean replied, dreamily.
“Awww… want to go to Paris?”
“Perhaps Rome?”
She touched his forehead and the journey began.

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