In 55 Words FD MC Challenge 2017 – Day 136

The Metal Gear video game franchise has always been a weird one.

On the one hand, it deals with very heavy themes such as the atrocities of war, the impact of genetics, what personal identity really is, amongst other things. On the other, it does so in a world filled with quirky characters, offbeat humor and moments that constantly break the fourth wall.

Mind control themes also pervade the series, most notably brainwashing and hypnosis, but nanomachines are used to explain just about everything. It something is off, you can bet these insidious little things have something to do with it.

In Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, there’s this very curious Easter egg that takes place inside a locker on the tanker chapter. In a game filled with mindfuckery, this is one of those that have no reason whatsoever to be there except to satisfy some bizarre fetish by series creator Hideo Kojima. Nonetheless, the Easter egg gained notoriety over the years and even became a trophy/achievement in the HD re-release of the action-adventure stealth game. I wrote this piece because of it – as evidenced by the title -, adding my own twist to fit the female dominant nature of this challenge. I hope the purists will forgive me the mention of a character that doesn’t really appear in said game, but I also hope they’ll appreciate a certain strange reference of my own to another dialogue sequence in the original Metal Gear Solid.  A weird series deserves a weird writing and I’m a weird person too so… perfect storm? Enjoy this 55-words codec conversation and until tomorrow.

Snake Beater

“Snake, did you just…?”
“You’re supposed to be a super soldier. Don’t you have anything better to do?”
“Love can bloom when one least expects, Otacon.”
“I’m not sure jerking off inside a locker room counts as love. What’s gotten into you?”
Meanwhile, halfway across the world, Dr Naomi Hunter laughed out loud.

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