In 55 Words FD MC Challenge 2017 – Day 151

Let’s finish the fifth month of the year with a little bit of literature. Okay, not really.

The title of the piece was indeed inspired by Jane Austen but the contents of it all have no connection whatsoever to her works. I’m just being silly again because… well, it’s fun. Altered states of mind often imply altered sensations as well. I give you an example of such in today’s piece. Only 214 more to go!

Sensibility and Mind Control

The water on the bowl was at 5 degrees Celsius.
“It’s boiling!” Jack protested.

It was pitch black in the room.
“Turn off the lights! I’m going blind!” He begged.

A feather slid down his back.
“I’m being whipped!” He screamed.

As she fed him countless suggestions, Agnes was reminded why she loved sensation play.

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