In 55 Words FD MC Challenge 2017 – Day 154

Two hours. I spent two hours stuck inside a bus today.

There was an accident somewhere, traffic came to a halt and so I had to endure it all. Normally, I would have walked the rest of the way home but I was tired, the seat was relatively comfortable so I allowed myself to stay there. At one point, I dozed off leaning against the window, some fairytale imageries came about and, when I opened my eyes again, I turned them into this bizarre thing you’re about to read. Enjoy your weekend and until tomorrow.


“I have come to rescue you, my princess,” Alan declared, head over heels.
“Finally! Oh, my knight in shining armor! What took you so long?” Bridget asked.
“There were giants, witches, and brightly-colored traffic lights and… wait, what?”
“Just relax and go deeper, dear,” she cooed.
Who said being stuck in traffic couldn’t be fun?

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