In 55 Words FD MC Challenge 2017 – Day 181

Another month comes to an end. Six down, six more to go in this short stories challenge.

Today’s piece wouldn’t have come to life if it weren’t for Google’s doodle paying an homage to Victor Hugo. Looking at it, I was reminded of one of my favorite quotes of his which I then wove into a romantically flavored piece because I very much enjoy those as well. If yesterday’s entry was quite direct in its intent, this one is a lot more subtle. Enjoy and have a good weekend.

Always Summer

Emmett loved to hear Judith laugh. She had a special cadence for every occasion, but they were all irresistible, enthralling.
Victor Hugo once wrote that “laughter is the sun that drives Winter from the human face”, and he could feel the snow in his soul melting with each sound.
It was always Summer around her.

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