In 55 Words FD MC Challenge 2017 – Day 184

Shortly after I left work, I accompanied a friend of mine on a tour of a house she’s thinking of buying. This event served as the basis of today’s piece.

While she was admiring the view in one of the bedrooms, I was jotting down some notes on my phone. The first draft of this piece was exceedingly long. I trimmed some of the “fat” on my second attempt but I was still ten words over the limit. Luckily, everything came together on my third go. Third time is definitely the charm, right? Anyway, I suspect someone in this tale is a bit too eager… what do you think? Have fun.

House Visit

“… that concludes our tour, Mr. Marcks. Any questions?”
“Just one, Ms. Davies. You’ve shown me every room except the one behind that door. What’s over there?”
“That’s where the house owner brainwashes anyone that says something bad about her real estate. Any more questions?”
He had none. A list of complaints on the other hand…

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