In 55 Words FD MC Challenge 2017 – Day 189

Today’s humorous entry was made possible by the suggestion of a friend of mine, me-chan (go visit his site, will you?).

I was pondering on what to write and he mentioned “missing a deadline” as well as a few possible storylines to be construed from it. I used the gist of it and added my spin to it. The life of a writer can be difficult when there’s mind-control involved but it’s also entertaining at least. Enjoy.

Missing a Deadline

“Clark, where’s that draft you promised me?”
“Apologies, Amelia, but my Hypnotic Mistress has been keeping me busy and…”
“Did you just say ‘your Hypnotic Mistress’?”
“Yeah, kind of hard to write when she keeps playing mind games on me.”
“Really? And does your Mistress have a name, dear?”
“Sure. Her name is Ameli… Shit!”

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