In 55 Words FD MC Challenge 2017 – Day 174

Today’s piece is partially born of a request. Earlier today, I received a message from someone that prefers to remain unidentified asking me if I could write one of these shorties with some form of mummification at the core of it. Although not something I’m particularly fond of, I accepted the challenge just for the fun of it and, after a few minutes of mental back and forth, came to the conclusion that there was only one way – and one woman! – to pull this off. I hope you missed her because Agent 47-D is back for another round. Have fun and enjoy your weekend.

All Wrapped Up

“Yes, General?”
“You should have returned from your mission two days ago!”
“I know but I needed to wrap some things up first.”
“You turned those terrorists into mummies, didn’t you?”
“Maybe?” She giggled before adding “I hope you can make room for a pair of sarcophagi…”
He hung up the phone and sighed.

In 55 Words FD MC Challenge 2017 – Day 146

I didn’t want to but she kept on making her presence felt in my thoughts all day so… I hope you enjoy another sneaky humorous Alexandra Ryder piece. By the way, her favorite dessert is “mind pudding”.

Main Course

“Yes, General?”
“Is everything okay?”
“Absolutely. Why?”
“I haven’t received any reports of hypnotic shenanigans today and…”
“… you got worried? That’s sweet. By the way, we’re running late for our dinner with the Vice-President.”
“But it’s only half past no…” he glanced at his watch. “Damn it!”
Time sure flies when dining at Alexandra’s.

In 55 Words FD MC Challenge 2017 – Day 98

Oh, look! My famous secret agent/wonderfully deviant hypnotist is back for more of her shenanigans. Agent 47-D sure likes to keep popping up in my head, almost as if reminding me I should write a new story with her in the starring role instead of the occasional shortie. A humorous piece as always when it comes to her, and I promise this one makes sense where I live. In fact, I waited until now to post it to make sure it did. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

When In Russia…

“Yes, General?”
“You promised you wouldn’t hypnotize the Russian Ambassador this Saturday.”
“I know.”
“He’s dancing ‘Kalinka’ downstairs and looks pretty hypnotized to me. You broke your promise!”
“Actually, no. I hypnotized him inside the Embassy –  which is Russian soil – and… it’s already Sunday in Russia.”
He rolled his eyes and ordered a Vodka.

In 55 Words FD MC Challenge 2017 – Day 52

WARNING: There will be political satire in this post so if such matters bother you somehow, you should probably not read it.

Okay, with that disclaimer out of the way, today’s entry is an Alexandra Ryder piece. Don’t know who she is? Well, she’s a secret agent/hypnotist extraordinaire (her own words, not mine) that simply loves to have fun doing what she does. She stars in stories such as Agent 47-D and Codebreaker, appears in a photo-story of mine within this gallery (bonus points if you can figure out which one!), and likes to make herself known in these shorties every now and then as well. I have a formula for these snippets where she appears, and I use it again, here. Because of what she does, political topics often come into play, it’s inevitable, really. Now, I don’t like politics that much, but I know what’s going on in the world and, naturally, have ideas and thoughts about some of the things that have been going on recently in that department. I also like silly humor so if politicians often make fun of us, why can’t we have a bit of fun at their expense as well? I say we can. Yes, we can. Special thanks to my friend me-chan for liking the character so much and helping me keep her fresh in my mind with his remarks. You should check out his writings, you really should, because they’re great.

I will not name directly the person/politician/world leader referenced in the story below, but it’s easy enough to surmise, I think. Double entendres wrap up the package, and I think they do a good job with it. I even like the color. What about you?

In Peach

“Yes, General?”
“Quite the seat there,” he remarked.
“I know. A shame it came in orange.”
“What color did you want?”
“I wanted in peach…” she grinned. “Working on that right now, though.”
“Do I dare ask?”
She snapped her fingers, and had her ‘chair’ pose for a picture, readily uploaded to Twitter.