In 55 Words FD MC Challenge 2017 – Day 171

It’s time for another familiar story to become something else within my secret box of deviant thoughts. After my recent folly with the world of Aladdin, I began thinking of other tales I could subvert. The following was the first that came to mind. I suspect others will follow, eventually. I hope you like it. Until tomorrow.

Beautiful Beast

The cup fell to the floor and shattered into a million pieces.
“What….? What did you do to me?” He growled, hands trembling.
“Isn’t it obvious I drugged your tea?”
“But why?”
“Because it’s time to make a beauty out of you, beastie,” she replied, yellow dress in hand.
Make-up, hair, and nails would follow.

In 55 Words FD MC Challenge 2017 – Day 147

It’s widely known that mind control stories and drugs often go hand in hand. On occasions, they’re used as a means to keep the subjects/victims in a docile state while the real control mechanisms are taking place. In others, they’re the actual main instrument for achieving said control. A lot of folks share these types of intoxication fantasies. I can’t really say I do but, like in many other occasions, I recognize the intrinsic value of them when it comes to telling a story.

After yesterday’s humorous foray, I wanted to go down a more sinister path today as changing genres on a regular basis is also part of the challenge. I chose this theme as a result of said desire to shake things up. Unsure whether anyone will enjoy it, but I can only hope that’s the case. Tomorrow, I’ll change things again as I already have a clear idea of what’s to follow. Until then, think happy thoughts… or don’t think at all.


Pierce looked at the countless ghost images of his hands, watching them flicker and dance like a dervish. All of his synaptic connections floated on a bubble of mindless euphoria, ready to burst and wash away every trace of his free will, forever.
“Afterthought is really a fitting name,” Anastasia purred, hypodermic needle in hand.

In 55 Words FD MC Challenge 2017 – Day 139

Think of this one as a prologue to a thing rather than the thing itself. Revealing one’s fantasies can have consequences, just saying… Enjoy your weekend.


“Something wrong?” Chloe asked.
“This drink tastes funny…” Harry replied, panting.
“This one tastes great.”
“You didn’t tamper with mine, didn’t you’?”
“Like adding a little something that will leave you horny, and obedient to me for the rest of the day?”
“Hmmm… yes?”
“No, but I’ll remember that dirty fantasy,” she winked.
He wouldn’t.

In 55 Words FD MC Challenge 2017 – Day 88

Today’s bit of silliness concerns the world of videogames. I’m a bit of a gamer although my time for software escapades is very reduced, nowadays. Still, it’s always fun to twist virtual worlds into even more twisted things, but I do it mostly for the laughs. Some of my photo-stories also use videogame characters and themes as reference every now and then. I’ve worked with things like The Legend of Zelda series (personal favorite, by the way), Metroid, Dark Souls, and a couple of others I can’t remember at the moment, but now we’re going on a little trip to the Mushroom Kingdom. You can thank Nintendo, Charles Martinet, and my crazy imagination for it all. Not trying to ruin anyone’s childhood here, simply having some fun, so I hope you do too.

A New Game Begins

“It’s-a-Me, Mario! Princess, where is my cake?”
“There you go…” Princess Peach said, grinning.
“Mamma Mia! This-a-cake sure tastes funny…”
“I didn’t hear Luigi, Bowser or any of the Toads complaining… time to play a new game.”
“Okey dokey…” he mumbled, droopy head falling on the table.
The game was called Super Mario Femdom World.

In 55 Words FD MC Challenge 2017 – Day 73

For the first time in ages, I didn’t feel like writing a thing, today. However, I still wanted to, even if the spark appeared to be missing. I ended up buying one of those disgusting energy drinks at the grocery store hoping for the caffeine to kick in somehow, and then all sorts of English proverbs came to mind for some reason. From the curious combination of these elements, the story below came to be. Enjoy.


“What goes up must come down,” Alice said.
“It’s already down,” Tom replied, empty glass in hand.
“Good things come to those who wait…” she winked.
“Wait for what exactly?”
His sudden dizziness said it all. The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. The way to his mind is a spiked cocktail.

In 55 Words FD MC Challenge 2017 – Day 62

Today, I’m going for a humorous approach. The inspiration for this one came from a silly remark I made at the Inraptured website, yesterday. There, J.T., the owner of Trancescript, (check it out, will you?) commented that his next blog would finally address the question/theme everyone’s been waiting for… and left everyone hanging in anticipation. My response was “Ninjas versus pirates, huh?” with a wink and everything and he concluded Ninjas win because their “greatest weapons are misdirection, confusion, and influence.” As I thought that was a neat way of looking at things within the scope of the fetish and all, ideas started popping until I found a way to use the notion, but adding my own personal spin to it. The result lies below. Have fun.

Ninjas Vs. Pirates

One of life’s greatest debates was finally settled at Vanessa’s costume party.
Lewis had nothing more than an eye-patch, a wooden leg, and an irritating accent to show for.
She, on the other hand, had the arts of misdirection, confusion and influence by her side.
Oh, the skin-tight outfit and the drugged shuriken helped, too.