In 55 Words FD MC Challenge 2017 – Day 173

Today’s piece was inspired by the combination of a message I saw in the WordPress dashboard and the fascination of a friend of mine for feet. I almost added the numerals 1.73 to the software version being installed but ultimately decided against it. Have fun and until tomorrow.


The message on the screen read:
“An updated version of your mind is available. Click the button below to download.”
Lester followed the instructions, smiling as the new strings of commands of his Mistress came to life. When it was over, the words “toenail muncher” flashed inside his brain.
Lunch was going to be scrumptious.

In 55 Words FD MC Challenge 2017 – Day 167

Just a quick note today. This silly piece was inspired by the following idea: what if everyone in the family was a hypnotist except you? Poor Amanda. Have fun and enjoy your weekend.

A Modern (Hypnotic) Family

“Where have you been, Jeff?” Amanda tapped her foot, angrily. “I’ve been waiting for ages!”
“Well, honey… First, I was on the moon and then ended up licking feet inside a dungeon in Seattle!”
“My sister hypnotized you again, huh?”
“Your cousin was there too,” he shrugged.
“Thank God mother is on vacation!” She thought.

In 55 Words FD MC Challenge 2017 – Day 155

There’s a park near my house I enjoy going to with my dogs. It’s a fairly quiet place but, every now and then, things take place there that so happen to be good sources of inspiration. Today, there was this mid-thirties woman in a floral dress sitting there with a labradoodle. Quite the jolly fellow, the thing the cute four-legged creature seemed to enjoy doing the most was to lick her owner’s toes through her sandals. Mind you, she seemed to love it as well.

Shortly after arriving home, my kinky mind turned this scene into the piece below. Enjoy.

Pet Training

“Yes, Carl?”
“I don’t understand,” Andrea insisted.
“Cat got your tongue? Or was it a kitten?”
“I hope you’ll think twice before disobeying me next time. Now, when I snap my fingers, the muzzle will disappear, understood?”
He nodded.
She snapped.
He barked. And howled. And licked her feet.
“Good doggy.”

In 55 Words FD MC Challenge 2017 – Day 149

Today’s piece has a classic feel to it in terms of overall structure, but the method of control mentioned is something I honestly don’t recall ever using before. Then again, I’ve written so many of these over the years that it’s impossible for me to actively remember every single detail of every single one. The inspiration for it came to me during a telephone exchange with a friend. She likes porcelain dolls but my mind thought of a different kind. Pretty random, I know, but that’s how things often go when it comes to the world of writing, right? Enjoy.


Jessica smiled from atop her chair.
“Tell me why you like it,” she urged Paul as he kissed her feet.
“I always have.”
“That’s not what you said when we first met.”
“I guess you changed my mind,” he shrugged and continued to worship.
“I sure did,” she thought, voodoo doll hidden under the seat.

In 55 Words FD MC Challenge 2017 – Day 91

So… I said this was going to be a yearly challenge but… I lied. Yeah, sorry about that. I’m actually not writing any more after this one. In fact, when I’m done posting this entry, I might as well hang up a sign such as this one


and be on my way. Sorry to disappoint you, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles, all that jazz, and whatever other expressions you can think of because this is really…

… a bit of April Fools’ tomfoolery, obviously. If I’m going for 365 days, stopping at 91 would be quite a betrayal, one neither my imagination or my Muse would ever forgive, I’m sure. Words needs to come out, stories will be written, and today’s focuses on this particular date obviously, so here’s another slice of humor. I hope you like it. See you tomorrow.

No Fools’ Day

“Tell me which of the following sentences is a lie.” Melissa ordered.
“Yes, Mistress,” Patrick replied, eyes glimmering.
“You are not my slave. You are not entranced right now. You are not going to lick my feet.”
“They’re all lies, Mistress.”
“Glad I couldn’t fool you…” she purred as his tongue slid between her toes.