In 55 Words FD MC Challenge 2017 – Day 151

Let’s finish the fifth month of the year with a little bit of literature. Okay, not really. The title of the piece was indeed inspired by Jane Austen but the contents of it all have no connection whatsoever to her works. I’m just being silly again because… well, it’s fun. Altered states of mind often imply altered sensations as well. I give you an example of such in today’s piece. Only 214 more to go!

Sensibility and Mind Control

The water on the bowl was at 5 degrees Celsius.
“It’s boiling!” Jack protested.

It was pitch black in the room.
“Turn off the lights! I’m going blind!” He begged.

A feather slid down his back.
“I’m being whipped!” He screamed.

As she fed him countless suggestions, Agnes was reminded why she loved sensation play.

In 55 Words FD MC Challenge 2017 – Day 149

Today’s piece has a classic feel to it in terms of overall structure, but the method of control mentioned is something I honestly don’t recall ever using before. Then again, I’ve written so many of these over the years that it’s impossible for me to actively remember every single detail of every single one. The inspiration for it came to me during a telephone exchange with a friend. She likes porcelain dolls but my mind thought of a different kind. Pretty random, I know, but that’s how things often go when it comes to the world of writing, right? Enjoy.


Jessica smiled from atop her chair.
“Tell me why you like it,” she urged Paul as he kissed her feet.
“I always have.”
“That’s not what you said when we first met.”
“I guess you changed my mind,” he shrugged and continued to worship.
“I sure did,” she thought, voodoo doll hidden under the seat.

In 55 Words FD MC Challenge 2017 – Day 133

Today’s piece revolves around a common fantasy for many people. I’m not one of them but, just like yesterday’s foray, it all comes down to the fact of whether it’s worth pursuing an idea or not. My primary instinct usually says ‘yes’ so I listened to it once again. Identity is a construct and so is gender perception. Sometimes, the lines pervading each one of these constructions are easily blurred. I suppose this short story rests in the middle of such blurriness. Enjoy and have a good weekend.

Gender Bender

Under Michelle’s watchful eye, Jack adjusted the helmet and stared at the translucent visor.
“Mental reprogramming at 25%,” he read.
His legs began to tremble.
“Mental reprogramming at 50%”
His breathing slowed down.
“Mental reprogramming at 75%”
His vision began to blur.
“Mental reprogramming at 100%”
Jane removed the helmet and knelt before her owner.

Thank You and… an Invitation.

It’s a new month but, as I recover from my sudden illness, it almost feels like a whole new year, really. I don’t recall a Winter where I ended up sick so often, and I hope I don’t have to go through it again anytime soon. However, this post is hardly about that, but rather about something I don’t say or type as often as I should. Two simple words I really need to incorporate in my vocabulary more. I already typed them in the title but I’ll do so again now. Thank you.

Yes, thank you. For various reasons impossible to number, I’m not very good at expressing my gratitude, and that’s something I’ve been working on for a while now. Allow me to do that by thanking everyone that has dropped by this humble site/blog since I opened it to the public. Thank you for taking a look at some of the fruits of my overactive imagination. Thank you if you’ve enjoyed them, and thank you even if you didn’t. I’m grateful for having the opportunity to share them.

I’m also grateful whenever new ideas come to me by interacting with others so if you ever wish to add your own thoughts to mine, feel free to send me suggestions for the challenges I’m running. You’re all invited to share random thoughts, ideas, pictures that fit the overall themes I work with around here. Should I create something based upon your suggestions, you’ll be given full credit for the inspiration, because that’s how things are meant to be. Thank you in advance for the consideration, and let’s continue to have fun, shall we?