In 55 Words FD MC Challenge 2017 – Day 159

Today’s piece is about something I’ve never written before, namely misleading percepti… oh, who am I trying to kid? Things not being what they seem is pretty much a staple of the genre. Here’s another humble, somewhat funny variation on it all. Enjoy.


“No more…” Albert mumbled.
“I thought you loved licking my boots!” Sheila remarked.
“I do, but not all of them in one sitting.”
“You’re not sitting, you’re kneeling,” she grinned.
“May I stop, please?”
“Not yet. Continue.”
He sighed, eyes glazed, tongue helplessly enslaved.
Fifty pairs danced in his mind…
… but she only wore flats.

In 55 Words FD MC Challenge 2017 – Day 155

There’s a park near my house I enjoy going to with my dogs. It’s a fairly quiet place but, every now and then, things take place there that so happen to be good sources of inspiration. Today, there was this mid-thirties woman in a floral dress sitting there with a labradoodle. Quite the jolly fellow, the thing the cute four-legged creature seemed to enjoy doing the most was to lick her owner’s toes through her sandals. Mind you, she seemed to love it as well.

Shortly after arriving home, my kinky mind turned this scene into the piece below. Enjoy.

Pet Training

“Yes, Carl?”
“I don’t understand,” Andrea insisted.
“Cat got your tongue? Or was it a kitten?”
“I hope you’ll think twice before disobeying me next time. Now, when I snap my fingers, the muzzle will disappear, understood?”
He nodded.
She snapped.
He barked. And howled. And licked her feet.
“Good doggy.”

In 55 Words FD MC Challenge 2017 – Day 80

Today’s piece is… different. And some of you who have been following this enterprise ever since I started it or knew me from before from other parts of the digital world are probably wondering “Hmmm, you know, most of what you write is already different…”. If you thought that, or you’re thinking it right now because the mention made your mind focus on it, let me just say that assumption is entirely accurate. I like to experiment, I like unconventional approaches to fantasies and stories for that’s the way my spirit truly delivers itself.

So, what’s different about this one by comparison to some of the already different things I’ve produced already? Well, if you’re not aware of it, today is World Poetry Day, a day to encourage reading, writing, and promotion of it. I love poetry, I dabble in all kinds of it as well, but the majority of things in that regard are either written in my native language, or are outside the scope of the fetish worlds, so it’s unlikely you’ll see much of it around here. Nonetheless, today I came up with something that qualifies so here’s a so-called poem in 55 words that’s meant to evoke the bliss of trance, letting go, and simply accepting submission as a whole. Enjoy and I’ll be back with some more strange bulletins before you know it.

Only Four Words

Softly pervading the haze
Of thoughts once ablaze,
Her voice, a living stream,
Flows and reigns supreme.

Rest now, deep under
Adrift in joyful wonder,
An echo of Time, still,
Without worries or will.

For it is beautiful to be
A mind on bended knee
With only four words to say:
“Yes, Mistress, I obey.”

In 55 Words FD MC Challenge 2017 – Day 72

I’m tired. Last week, I was given an assignment to do, one that’s proving to be quite tricky. Before today, I couldn’t devote myself to it as much as I would have liked it and, when I finally had the chance, I think I overexerted myself.

You see, although I procrastinate every now and then, I can also be quite laser-focused. The problem with the latter is, sometimes, not knowing when to stop, when the things get going. That’s something I need to improve. My creative ramblings certainly help with that. Today’s piece is about pushing limits and… something else. You’ll see what soon enough.

Hard Work

Brent was asleep at the keyboard. Next to him, research notes were piling up, and Janet smiled. It was good that he was working hard for her. It was even better he was doing so with the unsuspecting “help” of subliminals.
“Janet must be obeyed,” it flashed, almost imperceptibly, on the screen.
“Always,” she whispered.

In 55 Words FD MC Challenge 2017 – Day 61

Hello again, Internet. Today’s piece may be a work of fiction but it speaks of real issues. Even when there are techniques of mind reform in place, any relationship of Dominance and submission must be based on mutual respect, on accepting each other’s boundaries. A submissive has a duty of obedience to the Dominant, but the Dominant also has a duty of care towards the submissive, in order to help him grow. I wrote “him” because I write about Female Dominance and male submission, but this is true about Male Dominants and female submissives as well.

Being submissive and obedient does not entail being a doormat and letting the Dominant do whatever she/he wants, unless that sort of dynamic has been established from the get-go. Some people yearn for that Total Power Exchange reality and that is perfectly valid if both individuals want that. Coercion techniques work fairly well in the context of fiction and reading and writing stuff like that can be hot as hell. Our mind is a powerful escape vehicle, imagining certain things can bring about a state of deliverance like no other.

Let’s be clear, though. Coercion is hot in fiction. In reality, it’s more complicated than that. Tricking someone into doing something they don’t want to do, manipulating feelings and emotions in order to break someone apart and then rebuild that person anew can have potentially devastating consequences. Brainwashing is very real, turning a person into shambles through various mind-shattering techniques is also very real, and it can constitute abuse. Abuse is the opposite of a healthy D/s relationship. Abuse is simply abuse, nothing more than that.

Sometimes, saying “no” is needed. Sometimes, saying “no” and making a stand is the only thing that will make sure a relationship stays strong. Like I said, being a doormat and having a submissive be a doormat only works in very specific situations, very specific dynamics. In the majority of them though, remembering to say “no” when it’s needed to do so doesn’t make a person a bad submissive. Standing one’s ground to ensure one’s safety and one’s limits doesn’t make a person a bad submissive. It is as unhealthy to promote abuse as it is to allow oneself to be abused. Always keep that in mind, please.

And with all of that out of the way, I give you a 55-words piece (title not included) that focuses on the subject at hand and ends with an uplifting note. Enjoy.

Standing Ground

“No!” Bob declared.
“You don’t get to say ‘no’ to me,” Janice vociferated.
“I just did.”
“I can make you obey me… ” she threatened, the trigger word on the tip of her tongue.
“I know, but you won’t. You don’t want a doormat.”
“Damn right!” She smiled, happily.
He smiled too, and knelt to serve.