In 55 Words FD MC Challenge 2017 – Day 131

The first thing I want to say today is that I’m incredibly grateful to each and every person that has been enjoying the weird ramblings of my imagination thus far. I know I’ve written it before but I don’t mind doing it again because it’s true.

Today’s piece is a strange mix of self-referential humor but it’s also an invitation to exploration. There are many wonderful authors out there in the world of mind-control erotica. If you became aware of the genre through the random things I add to this site every day, please consider broadening the scope by digging deeper into other works by other people, and having fun with the myriad of possibilities that will come alive within your mind. Take care and until tomorrow.


Reading hypnotic stories is dangerous. The more you read them, the more hypnotized you become. I don’t have that problem, obviously. Writing hypnotic stories doesn’t make me go under. Thinking about spirals glimmering in her eyes doesn’t make me go “Yes, Mistress” because… hmmm… what was I typing? Ah yes, don’t read hypnotic stories now!

More Than a Shooting Star

The title of this entry is also the title of the story I just added to the archives. I could go for a synopsis right now, but I’d rather you discover the information within by yourselves, by clicking here. I should say though that, if you’re familiar with some of my writings, I already gave a big clue concerning this new entry in the preceding sentence. Oh yes, I did. Smile, and until tomorrow.


So… after more than a day has elapsed after I opened this space for everyone to see, I find myself, thinking about the things I want to do with it, the venues I wish to explore and all that jazz. As you might have guessed it, I have some plans, there are some things I definitely want to implement as time goes by, but one of my plans is also to avoid having too many plans, don’t try to plan everything ahead and simply do random things for the sake of random things, because creativity is something organic, it has its own inner life, one that needs to breathe impromptus and unexpected scenarios in order to thrive. Yep, that’s purple prose right there. I love it to some extent, so you’re going to see it pop up in some of these entries every now and then, okay?

Now, trying to detail random things would defeat the purpose of randomness so I’m going to mention some regular ones, instead. If you’ve browsed through the menus and the pages of my site by now, surely you’ve seen the section dedicated to 55 words pieces. In 2016, I wrote one short story focused on themes of female domination, hypnosis and mind control every single day of the year. In 2017, I’m doing the same, and I’m going to start publishing them as blog entries from now on, starting today, right after I finish typing this. I’m also keeping an archive of the ones that came before so, if you get curious, do check it out at the link above. They’re small tidbits, they’re fun, and they’re pieces of my overactive imagination I’m more than happy to share.

Next, let’s talk about photo-stories. I’m also doing a yearlong challenge when it comes to those, with each entry being shared at The Hypnopics-Collective, every single day. I have a page for that around here as well, but you’ll notice it’s only been updated until the end of January so far, and I’ll only update it again when February reaches its end. And now you’re probably wondering: “Huh? Why not do it daily, just like the short stories you just mentioned?”. The reason is twofold, actually: the first comes from a sense of loyalty, so to speak. The Collective was the first place where I shared photo-stories/manips when I began making them, more than a decade ago, so there’s history there, and I want to honor it; the second, comes from the nature of building a working gallery using this particular template. It’s much easier to just set aside one day to upload 30+ pics and have it running in five minutes, than to keep adding to it every single day so… yeah, expect a major blowout every last day of each month.

And that’s it for now, seeing some things are still in the process of creation. The site will evolve with time, and I hope we all have fun as it does. Thanks for reading.